Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Successful GeoS4S Meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The consortium members of the ‘GeoServices-4-Sustainability' (GeoS4S) project from 10 partner universities located in Europe (4), China (3) and Thailand (3) met at the School of Business and Economics, VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam from 25th to 27th September, 2017 to review project progress at the completion of the second year of the project. The Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS, University of Salzburg, Austria serves as coordinator of this project, co-funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ programme from October 2015 to October 2018.

(GeoS4S Members at Year-2 Meeting)

Three major objectives of the GeoS4S project aim at developing teaching/learning resources of 20 modules; to organise International Summer Schools for testing the relevance and operational feasibility of these modules, and to integrate teaching/learning resources on an eLearning platform for open and free access worldwide. The twenty three experts involved in the project gathered to review the progress of the project during years 1 & 2 and to fine tune the activities planned for the final year of the project.

The progress made by various team members was considered highly satisfactory and the enthusiasm for further enhancement of the quality of the deliverables was widely present. Critical assessment of the milestones achieved during the first two years was taken as the guiding principle for streamlining the activities of the final year. It was agreed upon that the consortium members need to perform beyond expectations during the two International Summer Schools to be conducted in China and Germany as well as introducing and discussing high quality teaching/learning materials during the two dissemination conferences planned in China and Thailand. The consortium will conduct a monitoring review in March 2018 during the International Summer School in Nanjing, China.

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