Wednesday, October 18, 2017

SemEO project nearing its completion

The FFG-ICT of the Future exploratory project SemEO (Semantic enrichment of optical Earth observation data to enhance spatio-temporal querying capabilities) is nearing its completion at the end of October.
The main outcome is a prototypical architecture of an innovative EO semantic querying subsystem together with a fully automated EO image understanding subsystem.
The system allows semantic content-based querying of images and spatio-temporal analyses directly in the database, which is not possible in current state-of-the-art EO image retrieval systems (like the Copernicus Open Access Hub). The proposed system contributes to the big data paradigm to ‘bring the user to the data and not the data to the user’, and to the ability of users to retrieve valuable information otherwise hidden in big EO data archives.

For more information on the project see the recent GEO Blog post: Automatic Semantic Enrichment for Intelligent Big Earth Observation Databases

Contact: Dirk Tiede

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