Saturday, September 11, 2010

Curriculum Development Workshop in the Philippines

In the process of capacity building collaborating institutions in Southeast Asia where GIScience is still not integrated in mainstream education, Dr. Shahnawaz (Centre for Geoinformatics - organised a 2-day (11-12 August, 2010) curriculum development workshop at the Department of Geography, University of Philippines, Diliman. This currently is the only department offering Bachelor and Master level degrees in Geography in the Philippines. During this workshop, the Chairperson Dr. Darlene Occeña-Gutierrez  and 5 faculty members worked together to streamline the curriculum of the Bachelors degree in Geography and integrated several GIScience / Geoinformatics courses to offer specialisation in GIScience within the Bachelor of Geography. The workshop was followed by a lecture by Dr. Shahnawaz on GIScience for spatial planning and management which was attended by more than 80 students and faculty.