Tuesday, December 21, 2021

3 Position Announcements ::: Geo-social Analytics Lab

The Geo-social Analytics Lab (https://geosocial.zgis.at) is hiring 3 scientific researchers / PhD students qualified in areas related to geoinformatics, artificial intelligence, computer science, data science, (spatial) statistics, a.o.
  • Collaboration in international research projects
  • Research in geospatial machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Analysis of physiological sensor data to detect spatio-temporal stress hot spots
  • Analysis of geo-social media (multimodal: spatial-temporal-semantic)
  • Semantic topic modelling using AI methods
  • Sentiment Analysis (emotion and opinion mining in text data)
  • Information visualisation and preparation for decision-support processes
  •  Application context: epidemiology, disaster management, humanitarian aid, urban planning
Looking forward to your applications!