Friday, May 29, 2015

2nd place for Z_GIS in the 2015 IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest

Congratulations to Dirk Tiede, Sebastian d'Oleire-Oltmanns and Andrea Baraldi! They won second place in the 2015 IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest, category 3D.

The Awards Committee had to choose and rank contributions from 31 groups participating from all over the world. The Z_GIS team convinced the jury with an open topic manuscript on "Geospatial 2D and 3D object-based classification and 3D reconstruction of iso-containers depicted in a LiDAR data set and aerial imagery of a harbor”.

More information:

Friday, May 22, 2015

Congratulations to Bernd Resch for receiving Theodor-Körner Award

At a ceremony at the University of Vienna Bernd Resch (Z_GIS and Heidelberg University) on May 11 received the Theodor-Körner Award in the category of medicine, natural sciences and technology. The Price was awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Transportation, Innovation and Technology (bmvit).
In his work, Bernd Resch focuses on assessing human emotions with a variety of sensors. He aims at finding out how human emotions can be used for urban planning.

The Theodor-Körner Award is bestowed annually as recognition on outstanding scientific work of young scientists. After the ceremony the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Heinz  Fischer, invited the laureates to the Wiener Hofburg.

Z_GIS and Taiwanese partners: Joint efforts in landslide research

Z_GIS and the Disaster Prevention Research Center (DPRC) at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan City (Taiwan) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
The cooperation focuses on joint research and activities in the field of landslide research by using Earth Observation (EO) data. Both partners have agreed to exchange knowledge and share methodological developments.

An additional MoU has been signed by Z_GIS and the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research at the National Central University (CSRSR) in Taoyuan. Both partners are considering research collaboration in the fields of remote sensing and GIS with a focus on landslides.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Z_GIS joins project supporting European Commission´s Biodiversity Strategy

The European Union´s Horizon 2020 cooperation project ESMERALDA (“Enhancing ecosystem services mapping for policy and decision making”) started with a kick-off meeting at Kiel University. The results of the three-and-a-half-year joint project will be implemented in the European Commission´s Biodiversity Strategy 2020.
Focusing on WP3 mapping methodology, Z_GIS will contribute standardized (near real-time) environmental data distribution, but also data harmonization processes for standardized WebGIS ecosystem services mapping. Z_GIS links to the LTER Austria platforms in Austria and involves the Environment Agency Austria. More Information:

"Generations" of GIS-academics met at the GIScience Doctoral College

Three "generations" of GIS academics met at an event at the GIScience Doctoral College in Salzburg – professors, PhD students of the current college and candidates for the next phase starting in October 2015.
The event was a farewell and a welcome at the same time: After four years the PhD students of the first phase of the Doctoral College GIScience will defend their work within the next months. Being prepared for the next step in their career, they will then leave the University. 

At the event the current PhD students presented their research results and shared their experience with PhD candidates for the next phase (2015-1019).

The candidates also had the chance to get in contact with those people who might be their professors soon and gained insight into current and future projects. This week the PhD candidates are undergoing their interviews.