Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Generations" of GIS-academics met at the GIScience Doctoral College

Three "generations" of GIS academics met at an event at the GIScience Doctoral College in Salzburg – professors, PhD students of the current college and candidates for the next phase starting in October 2015.
The event was a farewell and a welcome at the same time: After four years the PhD students of the first phase of the Doctoral College GIScience will defend their work within the next months. Being prepared for the next step in their career, they will then leave the University. 

At the event the current PhD students presented their research results and shared their experience with PhD candidates for the next phase (2015-1019).

The candidates also had the chance to get in contact with those people who might be their professors soon and gained insight into current and future projects. This week the PhD candidates are undergoing their interviews.

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