Thursday, May 8, 2014

Special Issue: Journal Cartography and Geographic Information Science
Z_GIS with its Doctoral College GIScience publishes a complete issue of the renowned journal Cartography and Geographic Information Science. Researchers from Salzburg and colleagues involved in teaching, supervision and joint research illustrates the wealth of aspect associated to the spatial lens in multidisciplinary research.

This special issue covers two main sections with three and four articles each and one introductory paper reflecting on the multidisciplinary and multiparadigmatic field of GISc. The first of the two main sections is titled “Representations and Spatial Data Models” and includes three methodological papers that suggest novel ways of spatial data representations and models. The second main section “GIScience Research with User Generated Content and Big Data” summarizes the main contributions of four papers that utilize user generated content and big data and apply them to spatial planning, mobility patterns, and movement measures.

Geographic information science: a multi-disciplinary and multi-paradigmatic discipline - Journal Cartography and Geographic Information Science. Special Issue Volume 41, Issue 3, 2014

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