Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GEOBIA conference 2014

This year more than 10 highly qualified researchers represented the department of  Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the GEOBIA conference in Thessaloniki / Greece  with challenging presentations.

Ivan Tomljenovic, a PhD student of the Doctoral College “GIScience” gave his presentation about “Potential and idiosyncrasy of object-based image analysis for airborne LiDAR-based building detection.  

With more than 130 presentations overall, we are proud of Ivan having been the recipient of the “Best presentation Award”. We congratulate him to this success!

The GEOBIA conference demonstrates the world-wide interest in the emerging field of Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis. GEOBIA events bring together the technical and scientific community of remote sensing and environmental sciences, promoting the development of GEOBIA concepts, methods and applications. 

More than 240 participants coming from the fields of environment and mineral resource management, agriculture, forestry and urban development, had the opportunity to communicate new research results, share technical information, network with fellow experts, and build communities of common interests.

Further information about the conference: http://geobia2014.web.auth.gr/geobia14/

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