Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Master Programme in Applied Geoinformatics

Careers for experts with a spatial view
Master of Science in Applied Geoinformatics

The English language Msc study programme in Applied Geoinformatics at the Salzburg University Department of Geoinformatics is attracting keen interest from students worldwide. We are following the philosophy that students first need to understand an academic domain well, then on a graduate level focus on Geoinformatics as a methodology helping to solve real world geospatial problems through interdisciplinary approaches. 

Admission is possible from a diversity of undergraduate backgrounds like Geography, Computer Science, Planning, Environmental Studies or Resource Management. An entry phase is designed to account for these different access pathways into Geoinformatics. Based on a modular curriculum this programme creates a rich and stimulating learning environment with an increasing emphasis on problem- and project-oriented learning.

Flyer MSc AGI (pdf) * Website

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