Thursday, May 8, 2014

GIScience Colloquium - Risk Information Management – The Complexity Challenge

Date: Monday, May, 12, 2014; 12:30 – 13:30
Place: Techno-Z, ZGIS-meeting room: SC30EG0.E07 (Schillerstraße 30, building 15)
Presenter: Horst Kremers, DGfK Kommission „Risiken, Katastrophen, Sicherheit“, Berlin

Risk Information Management – The Complexity Challenge
There is growing recognition of information need in all the complex phases of disaster risk prevention. All actors make their decisions and have their situational information need for doing so. The dynamics of situation development not only need to be observed, described, and modeled, but also the consequences on population and environment need to be anticipated, alternatives discussed and the typical dynamic recursiveness of management practice needs to be fully supported.

We currently are far from satisfying implementations for such tasks. In this presentation, the principal needs of appropriate pre-disaster situation modeling, pre-implemented information availability, collection, analysis and flow, elements of risk information infrastructure, information mining in disaster big data, and formal process description are highlighted and presented for discussion.

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