Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Successful PhD defence

Gyula Kothencz, PhD student within the Doctoral College „GIScience“ successfully defended his PhD „Data and information development methodologies for green urban area planning and management“.

In his dissertation, Gyula developed methodologies to map objective and perceived green space characteristics as well as to produce cost-effective urban vegetation height maps from satellite imagery.

The research is comprised of three methodologies. Firstly, Gyula investigated the correlation between green space visitors‘ perceptions and spatial green space indicators. Then, he predicted the influence of perceived green space characteristics on two indicators describing human well-being, which are green space visitors‘ level of satisfaction and quality of life contribution of the green spaces. In this research he investigated also the potential of geo-tagged photographs and running trajectories from park users. The study confirmed correlations between visitors‘ subjective evaluations of green spaces and the examined objective, a.k.a. measurably spatial indicators of the study areas. One applied research article showed already the value for urban planners and decision makers to be able to include subjective human perception of green spaces in planning. The developed methodologies and the results are being practically applied in two similarly sized European cities, Salzburg, Austria and Szeged, Hungary in decision support projects concerned with green urban areas.

We wish Gyula all the best on his future road of life!

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