Tuesday, November 20, 2018

‘Perfection’ vs. ‘good enough’ in Information Management - GeOnG 2018

Z_GIS was invited to the GeOnG Forum in Chambéry, France on the 29 October – 31 October 2018 to present a workshop on the humanitarian service Z_GIS is providing to NGOs since 2011. 200 GIS experts and managers from Europe and Africa attended the  biannual event. The GeOnG forum address issues related to data in the humanitarian & development sectors, including topics related to mapping, GIS, data collection & information management. This year, the Forum focused on “‘Perfection’ vs. ‘good enough’ in Information Management – Adjusting to context, scale, phase and funding”. In the context of a machine learning session, Gina Schwendemann presented the workshop: “Extraction of dwellings in refugee camps: how to do it and what it tells you”. Participants learned to object based image analysis (OBIA) in exercises related to the visualization of dwelling density and dwelling change detection in ArcMap. In a live demonstration of dwelling extraction in the refugee camp Minawao, Cameroon, it was demonstrated how the humanitarian office of Z_GIS use them for population estimation in order to supply medical-, food- and shelter logistics in remote places which cannot be found in OpenStreetMap.

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