Friday, May 18, 2018

E2mC Review Meeting with the European Commission

The interim review meeting of the project "E2mC - Evolution of Emergency Copernicus services" took place at the premises of the company e-GEOS, Rome, Italy. At the review meeting, the European Commission welcomed the extensive developments in the project, integrating social media and crowdsourcing in the Copernicus EMS. PLUS researchers showed the improvements generated by the Witness component by validating the results of the latest uses cases with official authority datasets. Besides discussions about methodological developments and dissemination activities, the project partners agreed to test the developed algorithms and software packages in the next months in the case of an EMS activation in real time. The next upcoming events in the scope of E2mC have been planned, one of the highlights being the special session at the GI_Forum “Participatory Disaster Management” with an interactive user workshop where the functionalities of the Witness component can be tested.  

Contact: Bernd Resch, Clemens Havas
For further information, please visit E2mC project website.   

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