Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Remixed Speeddating with Z_GIS @ BeSt Salzburg

As one of seven experts, Z_GIS researcher Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns participated in a bmvit (Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) initiative at the BeSt Salzburg event. The annual fair addresses pupils on the edge of deciding what to do after high school. Students from the Christian-Doppler High school as well as from the Werkschulheim Felbertal participated in the event in order to learn from and exchange with experts from various disciplines.

Source:fti remixed
The field of UAS-based remote sensing was of high interest for the participating students and generated a broad range of questions and a lively discussion. The exchange provided a detailed view beneath the surface of Geoinformatics to the students.

Contact: Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns

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