Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Copernicus Academy and Copernicus Relays networks: Z_GIS joining launch event and first annual General Assembly

On behalf of Z_GIS, Peter Zeil took part at the official launch ceremony of the Copernicus Relays and Academy networks at the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels on June 6.
He talked about Z_GIS´experience as founder and member of the Copernicus Academy and provided insights to the interaction with the Copernicus Relays members. Just a few weeks ago he had been to Namibia to support the Namibian Copernicus Relay in conducting a Copernicus Info Day.

The "Copernicus Goes Local - Implementing the Space Strategy for Europe" event gathered more than 300 Earth Observation actors and industry representatives from across Europe. The Copernicus Relays and Academy networks had been created by the European Commission at the beginning of the year.

The Copernicus Relays are the regional voices of Copernicus in the individual member states, creating a bridge between the EC and end-users of Copernicus. The Copernicus Academy aims to educate and release an increasing amount of Copernicus-savvy people into the workforce.
Peter Zeil emphasised the importance of the Copernicus Academy, whose purpose in his view is three-fold:

  • being a gateway to Copernicus for all who want to know more, engage and contribute
  • to bridge the gap between local authorities, service providers and academia (i.e. public institutions, private sector companies and research) and 
  • to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and collaboration between actors 
After the launch event, all Copernicus Relays and Academy members gathered for the first annual General Assembly of the two networks. As of today, the Network includes 62 Relays and 80 Academy networks. 

Copyright pictures: European Commission & De Ribaucourt Photography

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