Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Re-Viewing GIS Day 2016

Global GIS Day every year is a wonderful opportunity to invite schools to get in touch with Geoinformatics, experiencing how to bridge the real and virtual worlds. More than 200 pupils from several schools in and around Salzburg visited Z_GIS on Nov 16, working their way through 7 different modules ranging from operating robots to learning about drone aerial photography and managing a safe trip to school by bike.

University of Salzburg Rector Prof Heinrich Schmidinger
speaking at the iDEAS:lab opening during GIS Day 2016

This year's GIS Day was an even more special event due to the opening of our new iDEAS:lab, where schools in the future will have year-round opportunities to learn about spatial technologies and related applications. In addition to functioning as a 'learning lab', this facility simultaneously will serve as a 'research lab', an 'open science lab' a 'transfer lab' in collaboration with our industry partners.

Check out photographic impressions from Nov 16 @Z_GIS > https://flic.kr/s/aHskvoj68P

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