Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PhD defense within the Doctoral College "GIScience"

Yesterday, Ivan Tomljenovic, PhD candidate of the Doctoral College „GIScience“defended successfully his PhD Thesis „Transferable and robust building extraction from airborne laser scanning data using Object-Based Image Analysis Paradigm".

In his thesis Ivan provided a new research approach that employs the Object-based methodology on point cloud data obtained from ALS systems in order to extract tangible information in the form of building outlines. The research focused on the analysis of the point cloud derivatives defined as 2.5D and 2D representations and knowledge modelling in a form or rule set implemented with the Cognitional Network Language (CNL) which is integrated within eCognition software as a framework container. The core results of this thesis clearly show that it is possible to use the object-based methodology in  order to extract building outlines with more than 90 % accuracy.

More than 45 attendess listened to Ivan's impressive presentation which was followed by a fruitful discussion between Ivan and the evaluators, Dr. Stefan Lang from Z_GIS and Dr. Peter Reinartz from the Earth Observation Center in Munich.

We wish Ivan all the best for his future career and endeavours!

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