Wednesday, October 5, 2016

INQUIMUS workshop 2016 in Salzburg

,Spatial and temporal dynamics of risk and vulnerability’ was the topic of the third INQUIMUS workshop. The workshop was successfully held from 21st – 23rd of September 2016 at the Edmundsburg above the old city of Salzburg. The thematic focus of the 2016 workshop was on scenarios relevant for assessments of risks and vulnerabilities.

The scientific committee was made up of members of  Z_GIS, EURAC, the University Ca'Foscari (Venice), the HVRI /University of South Carolina and the United Nations University. The meeting gathered more than 30 participants with a high diversity of different thematic backgrounds as well as profiles from junior to distinguished senior scientists. Discussions and presentations where held in a very interactive way, which define the unique character of INQUIMUS workshops as platform of exchange [link to agenda]. 

The workshop started with an inspirational talk about ‘The futurist from Salzburg - Robert Jungk’ from Stefan Wally of the Robert Jungk Library for Future Studies. State-of-the-art talks were provided by various experts and scientists in the field: Hans-Martin Füssel (European Environment Agency, DK),  Susan Cutter (Univ. of South Carolina, USA), Jasper van Vliet (Vrije University, Institute for Environmental Studies, NL) and Anne Goujon (IIASA, AT). 

A range of posters was presented, including case studies of risk and vulnerability assessments or the development of new indices or data input for scenarios. As a common conclusion, open issues to be addressed in the context of ‘risk and vulnerability scenarios’ were identified.

Contact: Z_GIS: Stefan KienbergerMarkus Kerschbaumer

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