Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Z_GIS Graduates Winning AGEO Awards 2016

AGEO Award winners with AGEO board members
The annual national AGEO Awards were presented to the 2016 winners during the AGIT opening session. From a Z_GIS perspective, we had every reason to be proud of our graduates, with all three top spots claimed by our MSc Applied Geoinformatics alumni:

3rd place: Martin Sudmanns "Array Database Management Systems for Content-Based Image and Information Retrieval of Remote Sensing Imagery" (Supervisors: Dirk Tiede)

2nd place: Gernot Pucher "Quantification of Traffic-Related CO2 Emissions Through Extended Floating Car Data" (Supervisor: Stefan Krampe)

1st place: Laura Knoth "Spatial Information Infrastructures for Indoor Environments" (Supervisor: Manfred Mittlböck)


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