Monday, March 7, 2016

PhD Defense within the Doctoral College GIScience

Last Friday, nearly 60 participants could witness an impressive PhD defense within the Doctoral College GIScience: Peter Ranacher, who worked over the last four years on the topic “GPS movement analysis: measurements, similarities and patterns” successfully defended his research. He again impressed with his presentation and didactical skills when explaining the essence of the PhD and the core publications. 
His main supervisor, Prof. Siegfried Reich acted as the chair. Prof. Euro Beinat and Prof. Natalia Andrienko from Fraunhofer Institute served as ambitious discussants. 

In his thesis Peter quantified the influence of error when recording movement based on GPS signals. GPS movement data are affected by two types of error, measurement error and interpolation error. Both errors can significantly influence knowledge extraction from movement data. This thesis introduced such measures for both measurement and interpolation error. The second aim was to develop a model to study the energy-efficiency of cars in an urban road network. This model analyses a car’s movement pattern recorded with the GPS and estimates how energy-efficiently the car is moving. 

In April Peter will start a Postdoc position at the University of Zurich working in the area of “deep time analysis of language”. We wish him all the best for his future career and endeavours.

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