Friday, October 30, 2015

Z_GIS Landscape Lab: Experts on farming and water protection discussing environmental pollution during the snow melting period

How to secure nutrients remaining on the agricultural field rather being washed out to surface waterbodies? Collaborators from the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Salzburg and about 20 experts on water protection and farming from the regional governments of Salzburg and Upper Austria discussed environmental pollution during the snow melting period and extreme rainfall events. Hermann Klug, project leader of the Z_GIS Landscape Lab in Koppl close to Salzburg, provided a guided tour through the landscape lab. Automatically informing farmers before an extreme rainfall event would prevent applied liquid fertilizers being washed out during the event.

At the station Plainfelderbach Hermann Klug demonstrated an applied method for detecting phosphorus concentrations in the river. Measurements were triggered using real-time information from a rainfall sensor installed next to the station. Computer driven interaction between human and the phosphorus analyzer also allow the determination of measurements for certain time periods.

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