Sunday, March 16, 2014

EDC Best Student Award going to Eva-Maria Schönauer

Z_GIS is proud to announce that this year's EDC best student distinction was awarded to Eva-Maria Schönauer for her work on the MSc thesis "Homogeneisation of Electric Grid Data for INSPIRE". Ms Schönauer has addressed a timely and critically important topic in her Master thesis, working towards achieving required common standards for INSPIRE conformity in the domain of electrical utility transmission and distribution grid data. In this thesis, she has demonstrated advanced skills and competences in the areas of data modeling and model transformations, using the ArcGIS interoperability extension and geodatabase design toolsets.

Ms Schönauer had completed her MSc in 'Applied Geoinformatics' in 2013 while working at the Research Studio iSpace, not only receiving excellent grades but also recognition for this thesis which is highly relevant for the evolution of Spatial Data Infrastructures in the utility industry conforming with the INSPIRE directive.

As an Esri Development Center, Z_GIS every year has the opportunity to select and nominate one top student based on his or her software development competence. The Esri Development Center (EDC) program provices "recognition and special status to university departments that have exemplary programs focused on educating students to design and develop GIS applications".

Congratulations to this distinction, and to continuing a tradition of excellence established by previous recipients of this award (Mariana Belgiu, Bernhard Vockner, Christoph Mayerhofer and Caroline Atzl), thus serving as an outstanding role model for future generations of Geoinformatics students in Salzburg!

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