Friday, October 25, 2013

Kick-off meeting: GI-N2K: what is GIScience?

Europe has set out for a shared answer to the above question with the kick off meeting of the ERASMUS network project "GI-N2K" in Leuven, Belgium. This project builds up on the first initiative of elaborate a reference document for the domain of Geographical Information Science and Technology by the consortium of US-universities (UCGIS) led by David DiBiase (2006). The result of this collaborative effort in the US was the GIS&T Body of Knowledge (BoK).
The BoK until today is an important reference document for curriculum development, certification and accreditation of GIS programmes on a worldwide level. Taking up on this pioneering work in the US, this ERASMUS project now has started amongst 31 European partners to develop a renewed BoK 2.0. Together with the complementary updating initiative of the UCGIS, the new BoK 2.0 will not only have an updated content, but it will be transformed into a dynamic wiki-based format. Z_GIS (Dr. Gudrun Wallentin, Director of Studies UNIGIS MSc ) will be responsible for analysing the workforce demand in Europe, to explicitly address the competences that employers of the geospatial industry need.

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