Tuesday, October 8, 2013

EO-based services to support humanitarian operations: Project Kick-off meeting @ Z_GIS

October 1 marked the launch of the FFG project EO4HumEn. Next to three academic partners (Univ Salzburg, Z_GIS and Dep. of Geography and Geology, as well as Univ Tübingen), the project involves Doctors without Borders (MSF, Section Austria) as one of the world-leading NGOs in the humanitarian aid domain.

The Z_GIS led project will focus on routines for crisis-related information on refugee and IDP camps as required by aid organizations in mission planning and day-to-day operations with respect to (1) population numbers, densities, and dynamics (2) potential groundwater reservoirs, and (3) the impact on the local environment.

EO4HumEn will provide operational services and dedicated geo-spatial information products derived from Earth observation (EO) and GIS data. The ASAP-9 funded 30-months project was kicked off Monday, 7 Oct 2013 in Salzburg at Z_GIS premises (Techno-Z).

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