Friday, December 3, 2010

GIScience PhD Program funding for University of Salzburg

A new long term GIScience doctoral school was awarded to the University of Salzburg under the prestigious and highly competitive 'DK' framework of Austria's National Science Fund (FWF). The program titled "Geographic Information Science. Integrating interdisciplinary concepts and methods" will select an initial set of fully funded PhD candidates in mid 2011.

Prof. T.Blaschke
Prof. Thomas Blaschke, lead PI and speaker of the successful bid, comments: "This is a key achievement towards establishing the University of Salzburg as a leader in Geoinformatics and GIScience: building on our successes in GIScience research and Masters' programs, this award recognizes our PhD program on a leading international level and will facilitate research-driven career development for top-notch candidates".

The University of Salzburg Centre for Geoinformatics is a highly regarded centre of competence in GIScience attracting international research funding, leading the worldwide UNIGIS MSc and diploma programs, and is widely known for the annual AGIT and GI_Forum conferences.

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Franz Huber said...

Congratulations - once again a great achievement!