Friday, December 24, 2010

Biodiversity Monitoring Project launched in Salzburg

Z_GIS is coordinating a new 17-partner consortium working towards remote sensing – based monitoring of conservation areas. NATURA 2000 areas are critically important ecological spaces protecting species and natural systems, and the project MS.MONINA will contribute relevant management tools.

With the recent kickoff meeting in Salzburg, a first step was taken towards defining and implementing new concepts and methods combining remote sensing data and thematic geospatial data with the aim of supporting public agencies in their policies and measures. European nature conservation certainly will substantially benefit from this initiative.

The University of Salzburg with Z_GIS as its geospatial centre of competence are proud to lead this project with partners from 9 European countries. Soon first pilot applications in a range of study areas will demonstrate the value and importance of monitoring for the conservation of biodiversity.

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