Thursday, May 19, 2022

PSCE Conference Salzburg 11-12 May 2022

Last week, the PSCE Conference took place at the University of Salzburg, co-hosted by the Geo-social Analytics Lab of Z_GIS headed by Prof. Bernd Resch. Almost 150 participants from 17 countries discussed current research and applications in the field of public safety and natural disasters. In addition to numerous and diverse lectures, there was also an extensive practical demonstration, including rescue helicopter and tracking dog.

Many thanks to @PSCEForum, the Austrian Red Cross, the Bavarian Red Cross and the @PolizeiSalzburg for the successful cooperation! In particular, we thank Uwe Kippnich, Anton Holzer and Anthony Lamaudière for the collaboration.

We are looking forward to the next PSCE conference!


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