Friday, February 28, 2020

PhD Defense on "Urban Livability" at the Doctoral College "GIScience"

Anna Kovacs-Györi successfully defended her PhD Thesis “Defining and Assessing Urban Livability”.

Cities are complex systems and the task of accounting for this complexity in improving city quality is immense. International initiatives often focus on the improvement of the urban quality to address urban challenges. The concept of livability can support these endeavours by depicting the complex urban system and its components through the lens of this person-environment relationship.

In her PhD research, Anna investigated how urban livability assessment combined with geospatial analysis methodologies offer a way to reduce this complexity of the urban systems and livability itself by handling the characteristics and phenomena of cities systematically.
Questionnaires, assessment platforms, spatiotemporal and sentiment analysis of social media data, or biosensors quantifying human perception have been used to assess the elements  of the person-environment relationship and thereby livability.

By considering the spatial and temporal characteristics of the data using GIS, researchers, decision-makers, urban planners and other stake-holders can gain valuable insights on urban liveability, also by identifying less well-performing areas and elements of a city.

More information about Anna’s research can be found at

We wish Anna all the best on her future road of life!

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