Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Stefan Lang presented at the ESA workshop on Earth Observation (ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium)

From Dec 10-14, the Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2018 of the ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Programme, took place at ESEC-Galaxia in Transinne, Belgium. In this 5-days intensive course, 30 selected students from ESA member states received dedicated training on the principles of remote sensing, ESA’s EO satellite missions and issues of data fusion, delivered by experts from academic institutions, industry, and ESA.

Dr Stefan Lang, Z_GIS, held a lecture and practical exercise in the integrative field of “spatial image analysis”. He also shared first-hand experience on future GI/EO related job, user-oriented EO-based services, and the ambition of Copernicus to be (much) more than a data generation system. The investment into our future human capacity in this boosting sector was considered a highly rewarding activity, stimulated by knowledge exchange and mutual discussions.

 Contact: Stefan Lang

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