Tuesday, September 18, 2018

PhD defense within the Doctoral College "GIScience"

Bartosz Hawelka successfully defended his PhD Thesis “Collective Sensing and Human Mobility Analysis” within the Doctoral College “GIScience”.

The thesis focused on human mobility, a broad field dedicated to extracting and understanding patterns that govern human movements. It considered three Collective Sensing Probes that relate to human mobility, specifically to the time-space dimension of mobility, in particular telecom data, social media data and bank card transactions. A significant portion of the work referred directly or indirectly to tourism and international travel. 

The results were presented in five research papers. P1 explored several examples of collective human behavior based on telecom and social media data. P2 studied international travels reflected in geo-located Twitter and compared detected patterns with traditional datasets and mobility models. P3 exploited bank data in the context of mobility at multiple spatial scales. P4 studied individual mobility traces of tourists based on their telecom footprint. Finally, P5 combined social media data and migration statistics to study short- and long-term mobility in a global scale.
For his future career Bartosz is going to join Naspers Limited as a Senior Data Engineer.
We wish Bartosz all the best!

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