Thursday, July 12, 2018 Sentinel-2 Semantic Data Cube Austria

On 3 July 2018, the FFG-ASAP project held its kick-off meeting in conjunction with the AGIT/GI_Forum conference in Salzburg.

Aside from the academic partner (University of Salzburg, Z_GIS), the project involves AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria), ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik) and the university spin-off SpatialServices.

The project will be taking very relevant steps towards building an Austrian data & information cube. It will exemplarily show that semantic content-based image and information retrieval (SCBIR) is possible in big Earth observation (EO) databases. This innovation will allow human users to query and analyse EO data on a higher semantic level (i.e. based on at least basic land cover units and encoded ontologies). Planned tasks include:

  • developing algorithms for systematic and automated semantic enrichment for Sentinel-2 images to reach a semantic level up to land cover types, ready for semantic content based querying
  • identifying suitable database technologies to develop spatio-temporal modelling and querying techniques in semantically enriched EO databases using encoded ontologies to decrease the complexity of queries for human user interaction
  • developing a Web interface for human-like queries based on spatio-temporal relationships and explicitly specifying spatio-temporal models for different envisaged user groups.

The data & information cube is generic, meaning it can be useful for multiple thematic domains. The potential will be demonstrated by developing different services in a generic, proof-of-concept environment for Austria. These services include enabling semantic content-based image retrieval, generating cloud-free mosaics for user-specified time slices and developing an App for location-based queries through time.

Contact: Dirk Tiede, Z_GIS

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