Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Minister explores analog-digital sandbox

Photo: ITG - Innovation Service for Salzburg
Heinz Faßmann, Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research visited the iDEAS:lab established by the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the Science City Itzling. 

During his working visit to Salzburg, including meetings with the Governor of Salzburg and the Rectorate of the University of Salzburg, Minister Faßmann used the opportunity for a short visit bringing him back to his academic roots – the discipline of Geography. The 'virtual sandbox' is an attraction within the iDEAS:lab combining learning and fun. Changes in the sand surface are digitally scanned in real time and translated into a Digital Elevation Model. Elevation visualisations or analysis and modeling results, then are projected onto the sand, making this an  interactive 'playground'.

Z_GIS' iDEAS:lab has been opened in 2016, aiming at bridging education, research and the general public. Hundreds of pupils already had the opportunity to learn about geospatial technologies like remote sensing, interactive cartography, 3D printing and smart environments - sensor webs, applied across domains like community planning, humanitarian action, soft mobility and environmental issues.

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