Friday, December 1, 2017

Danubius Young Scientist Award 2017 to Z_GIS researcher Sebastian d'Oleire-Oltmanns

Z_GIS researcher Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns has received the Danubius Young Scientist Award 2017 at a ceremony at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Congratulations!

The approach, which was provided by the awardee together with the EC Joint Research Center (JRC), aimed to apply and transfer the S3 benchmarking tool. The method should enable EU regions to identify its competitive advantages through systematic comparison with other regions. It was developed as part of the McIndicator project which is coordinated by Z_GIS researcher Stefan Kienberger.

The annual Danubius Young Scientist Award seeks to highlight the scientific work and talent of young researchers and enhance the visibility of the scientific community in the region. Moreover, the award encourages young scientists to engage themselves in the scientific examination of the multifaceted issues and questions specifically related to the Danube Region.

Contact: Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns

More information on the McIndicator project:

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