Monday, November 20, 2017

GIS Day: Gaining insight into the world of Geoinformatics

About 100 pupils  and 40 teachers from a variety of high schools from Salzburg and Upper Austria  attended the 2017 GIS Day event at the Z_GIS iDEAS:lab to explore geospatial technologies and  applications. After an initial talk on "Location as interface – geomedia in the 21st century" by Robert Vogler a wide range of topics and tools was presented and tested by the participants: sensors and smart buildings, microsimulations, learning with geomedia and rightwing extremism and geomedia, to name just a few.

The attendees actively participated in the programme, such as a group of pupils who shared its experience with the GI Learner programme. Some teachers attended the event in the course of a teacher in-service training.

More information on GIS Day Salzburg
Contact: Robert Vogler

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