Monday, September 11, 2017

Successful Conclusion of Erasmus Mundus project 'gSmart'

We invite you to explore the 'gSmart' project's report brochure which provides comprehensive information on the Z_GIS coordinated Erasmus Mundus scholarship mobility project 'gSmart - Spatial ICT Infrastructures for Smart Places'. Today, the Joint Coordinators have submitted the Final Report to the EACEA office in Brussles, the project has been successully concluded on July 14, 2017.

These gSmart scholarships focused on all levels of study, with the anticipation that this study and research mobility will in turn create new job opportunities, contribute to the enhancement of quality in teaching and learning of Geoinformatics as well as advancing research activities in this interdisciplinary domain. Further information on mobility flows provide the scholar's e-portfolios and 'Success Stories'.

This interactive and dynamic maps on gSmart mobilities from Central Asia to Europe are showing all project scholarship mobility flows >>

gSmart at a Glance
2013 – 2017, Erasmus Mundus funded mobility scholarship project for Central Asian students and staff. 106 reported scholarships. Bachelor to PhD and Post-Doc levels, and Faculty. Short visits as well as completion of full degree programs. 6 partner universities in Europe. 13 Central Asian Higher Education Institutions. State of the art education in Geoinformatics.

Barbara Brunner-Maresch, University of Salzburg, Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS, gSmart Project Coordinator,

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