Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Smart Cities - A new Z_GIS project assesses green urban spaces in Salzburg

The FFG project grünOase (German title: Integrierte Analyse und Bewertung von grünen Stadtoasen) aims to develop a concept - including a practical guideline - that integrates quantitative and qualitative information on urban green structures. It supports the communication and information based smart design of green and open spaces with an integrative analysis and assessment of green city oases. Urban green spaces and recreational areas are essential contributors to the quality of urban life by supporting human well-being. 

The grünOase project employs quantitative remote sensing image classifications and enhances them with qualitative surveys of users of green and open spaces. The concept will be developed for two parks and their respective city quarters in Salzburg in order to test its usefulness in planning and design projects. The concept and the methods to be developed will be adaptable to green city oasis at national and international levels. Starting in April 2017, the Z_GIS project team, will implement grünOase together with their partner allee42 landschaftsarchitekten. grünOase is a one-year feasibility study funded by the the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund’s initiative on Smart Cities

Contact: Florian Albrecht, Antonia Osberger, Daniel Hölbling and Gyula Kothencz

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