Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nominations welcome for Waldo Tobler GIScience Prize

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) is inviting nominations for this year's Waldo-Tobler Prize, which has been established through the ÖAW Commission for GIScience!

This distinguished prize recognizes the work of Professor Waldo Tobler, who introduced innovative methods based on digital technologies into geographic research since the 1960s, with an emphasis on theory, mathematical modeling and dynamic visualization. Since 1982, Prof. Tobler has been a member of the US National Academy of Sciences. Well known through his extensive publication record, he formulated the "First Law of Geography" in 1970 with the phrase “everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things" which inter alia justifies analysis of spatial dependencies, metrics for spatial autocorrelation and spatial organisation in general.

Nomination letters for the Waldo Tobler GIScience Prize shall be sent to no later than August 31, 2015. Candidates shall be introduced with a cover letter justifying the nomination, a full scientific CV and list of publications.

The prize will be awarded to an individual who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the discipline worthy of inspiring young scientists in Geoinformatics or Geographic Information Science, and has accomplished significant advances in these fields. Qualifications should ideally include achievements in research as well as in education.

>>> Complementing this prize for scientists with outstanding stature within the Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science communities, the ÖAW Commission for GIScience is announcing a top paper competition as the Young Researcher Award in GIScience.

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