Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White Paper for Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Austria has been announced

LTER Austria presented and published a new White Paper for long-term ecosystem research in Austria at an international conference in Vienna last week (February 19, 2015). The aim of the White Paper is European networking and concerted financing of environment and ecosystem research to secure a coordinated approach. A research cluster should be implemented to coordinate different activities and facilities and make an important contribution to the European ecosystem-research. The long-term ecosystem research focuses on better understanding and analyzing on ecosystems structures, functions, and long-term responses to climate change, invasive species, substances and human activities. The results of the long-term series of measurement deliver an important source of information for political decision makers. Since 2012 the Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics is a member of the LTER network contributing to the LTER AT site Mondsee. Since 2014 Z_GIS also coordinates the LTER site Stubacher Sonnblickkees. 

Download White Paper:


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