Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Z_GIS develops OBIA/GIS applications to support Humanitarian Demining efforts

The consortium of the EC-FP7 funded project TIRAMISU works on implementing a toolbox to assist the Mine Action community in addressing the removal of Anti-Personal Mines, Submunitions and UXO (unexploded ordance). Z_GIS is concerned with the development of object-based methods to map indicators of mine presence (IMP; e.g. trenches, walls, craters) and specific land use/land cover classes based on remote sensing data in mine-affected areas in Croatia and Cambodia.

Semi-automated crater detection, Cambodia
A conceptual risk and vulnerability framework, which serves as a guidance tool for the conceptualization, systematization and operationalization of social vulnerability to landmines/UXOs is also being designed by the Z_GIS team. Spatial vulnerability analyses are performed as a contribution to the prioritization of possible intervention areas.

For more information, please contact Daniel Hölbling.

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