Thursday, October 23, 2014

Development of a cloud virtual registry of utilities infrastructures. VIRGO, - first year progress report

Virgo (VIrtual Registry of underGrOund Infrastructures) is a European EC-CIP project with the aim to implement a cloud virtual registry of utilities infrastructures. In the last 9 months, Z_GIS was involved in the first three work packages of the project.
One of the recent main tasks was a state-of-the art institutional scenario analysis; - The utility network situation of all EU countries was analysed and responsible public administrators/operators managing infrastructures in the EU countries were identified. Z_GIS was responsible for the analysis of three countries: Austria, Germany and Slovenia. The results of the institutional scenario analysis show possible futures of the compulsory provision of utility network data in the EU countries. At the moment the Z_GIS project team specifies and finalizes the user/service requirements and system architecture of the VIRGIO system in order to start the feasibility study in a next step. For more information, please visit the project website or contact Elisabeth Weinke.

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