Monday, June 30, 2014

International workshop in Salzburg on the role of networks in DRR and CCA

Networks will likely take on an increasingly significant role for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) because of their capacity to bring stakeholders together to share experiences, increase the knowledge base and thus facilitate improved decision-making by stakeholders in policy and practice. For this reason an international workshop was organised in May within the framework of the FP-7 KNOW4DRR project. The Salzburg workshop aimed to bring together representatives of various networks from the DRR and CCA community – as well as any complementary fields - in order to identify synergies, develop common understanding of the challenges being addressed by the networks and the approaches being used, and find new ways of working together. Highly interactive discussions focused on the sustainability of networks, their added value, and impact. Three keynotes provided the workshop with inspirational input: a. Joern Birkmann (United Nations University – EHS): What united DRR and CCA? b. Michael Staudinger (Director-General of the ZAMG): The making of “Meteoalarm” c. Ouejdane Mejri (Politecnico di Milano): Collective Intelligence: Advancing and Challenging the Crisis Response Paradigm

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