Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GIScience colloquium

Date: Tuesday, May, 6, 2014;  17:00 – 18:00
Place: Techno-Z, GI-lecture room: SC30OG1.107  (Schillerstraße 30, building 14)
Presenter: Michael Hodgson (Visiting professor from University of South Carolina)

Uncovering Cognitive Processes used in Image Interpretation as Fundamental to OBIA-based Modeling

The trend in the use of remotely sensed imagery for mapping land use/cover information has shifted from coarse spatial resolutions and automated information extraction to fine spatial resolution imagery and human visual analysis.  Considerable research is directed to developing accurate methods for automatically extracting such land use/cover classes.   However, many automated extraction methods, even those claiming to embody perceptual/cognitive principles, are inferior to the capabilities of human visual analysis.   A better understanding of how humans interpret remotely sensed imagery would help to improve automated extraction methods, particularly if we claim to develop systems that are knowledge-based, expert, or founded on perceptual/cognitive theories.

Researches in image cognition and object-based image analysis have common application goals but dissimilar research goals and approaches.  In this presentation, novel approaches using eye-tracking and other perceptual methods for measuring how experienced image analysts interpret imagery are discussed.  This presentation is meant to elicit active dialogue on the opportunities for combined efforts in OBIA or cognitive research.

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