Friday, July 26, 2013

YouthMap5020 internships started

The FFG Regionale Talente funded project YouthMap5020, recently started under the lead of Z_GIS, develops a digital map for the city of Salzburg that targets the specific needs and interests of young people. Supporting project partners are Synergis/ESRI and the city of Salzburg (represented by the youth office). The user centred approach in YouthMap5020 not only refers to map content but also to design and functionalities. Therefore, the target group of this map application is directly involved in every work package (user requirements, data aquisition, implementation, evaluation) through a) the participation of six partner schools and b) several internships in the framework of the project.

(Lisa Antonia Rajsp, Leonie Einfalt & Johannes Brötzner)
Three internships have recently started. Every trainee is responsible for a specific task:

  • Lisa Antonia Rajsp (17, Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg) provides an analysis of available spatialized survey tools (combining a questionnaire with a map interface) and develops guidelines for the data gathering
  • Leonie Einfalt (16, Bundesgymnasium St. Johann) delivers a state of the art report on existing youth specific map applications worldwide and reviews several examples regarding functionalities, design and content.
  • Johannes Brötzner (15, Bundesgymnasium Zaunergasse Salzburg) creates the web platform, which combines both a project information website and a multi-level data sharing- and communication platform for all project partners

(Z_GIS staff in YouthMap5020: Sabine Hennig, Robert Vogler, Thomas Jekel)

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