Friday, June 28, 2013

MSc 'Applied Geoinformatics' Salzburg - New Curriculum

Based on experience and success from last years, Salzburg University's Academic Senate this week has implemented a revised curriculum. Valid immediately for all students registering from fall semester 2013/14, this curriculum offers an attractive pathway towards an up-to-date qualification in Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science:
  1. Learning through 'Integrated Projects': competences in geo-application development, in the implementation of services as components of SDI, and in the management of complex geospatial projects are acquired through problem-based learning in major project classes.
  2. Internships in industry are a requirement successfully bridging gaps from academia to professional practice in a range of application domains.
  3. A choice of advanced methodologies in remote sensing, spatial analytics, geostatistics, geovisualisation, location based services and geosimulation support the development of in-depth competence in a range of methods. 
Admission to this English language, international 'AGI' MSc can be based on an undergraduate degree in any 'spatial' discipline, with additional electives facilitating the 'bridging' into Geoinformatics from e.g. Computer Science or application domains like Ecology.

This highly regarded and widely recognized Masters in 'Applied Geoinformatics' is based at the Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS, an international centre of competence for Geoinformatics and its application. For further details and contacts, please visit!

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