Thursday, January 31, 2013

Caroline Atzl receiving EDC 'best student award'

As an Esri Development Center, Z_GIS every year selects one top student based on his or her software development competence. This year’s nomination for the EDC Salzburg best student award goes to Caroline Atzl for her work towards an MSc thesis on "C&C View – Geo-enhanced COP Communication @ Local Level".

Ms Atzl has selected a topic for her Master thesis, which addresses a set of timely and highly relevant issues in the wider field of emergency management. Starting from the ‘Common Operational Picture’ (COP) concept, she transfers this onto mobile devices for field use, and in the process of doing so has to adapt the common understanding of COP as such, as well as the user audience confronted with a COP.

The thesis addresses a set of problems in the information flow and information access in disaster management, and subsequently defines a set of strategic and operational objectives summarized under the idea of a ‘geo-enhanced COP’. The main thrust is directed at establishing a COP as an interactive, mobile interface where not only information is presented to decision makers, but local information is collected on site and fused into the overall picture. Essentially, this is a marriage of COP with LBS.

The Esri Development Center (EDC) program provices "recognition and special status to university departments that have exemplary programs focused on educating students to design and develop GIS applications".

Further details:

Congratulations to this outstanding piece of work, integrating software components through services across platforms and technologies!

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