Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OBIA Workshop at GIScience 2012 in Columbus/USA

The seventh GIScience conference took place in Columbus/Ohio from September 19 to 21, 2012 attracting some 300 attendees. On September, 18, 2012 a full day workshop was jointly organized by Thomas Blaschke, University of Salzburg and Maggi Kelly, UC Berkeley.

About 20 international GEOBIA-experts discussed methodologies to bridging the remote sensing centred Geographic Object Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) approach and GIScience concepts in order to delineate, manage and manipulate objects.  GIScience provides theoretical foundations for object handling, but these concepts are not implemented in remote sensing workflows. The increasingly popular GEOBIA concept puts objects in the focus and GIScience seems to be the future methodological and theoretical home base. Leading experts from both fields discussed the theoretical and methodological foundation and highlighted ways to unravel the potential of extending GEOBIA concepts beyond images.

Position statements highlighted the integration of GIScience and OBIA concepts for topics such as: 

* objectification: non-technical issues of segmentation steps and alternative solutions
* methodological issues of object handling
* transferability and interoperability of rule sets
* multi-scale theories and concepts
* ontologies and semantics of objects
* GeoIntelligence -- location aware objectification

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