Saturday, March 17, 2012

EDC 2012 Best Student Award: Christoph Mayrhofer

Z_GIS is proud to announce the recipient of  this year's 'Student of the Year' award: for his BSc paper "Implementation of Autocorrelation-Based Regioclassification in ArcMap using ArcObjects", Christoph Mayrhofer has received the annual University of Salzburg Esri Development Center distinction - congratulations!!

Based on a research paper on a newly developed approach for cartographic classification of choropleth maps, Christoph Mayrhofer implemented and extended the proposed method as an Add-In for ArcMap. This allows users to enhance the functionality of any ArcMap installation with a novel classification approach that leads to less complex and much easier to communicate spatial patterns in maps. In addition, users are given extended opportunities to explore and better understand spatial as well as attributive relationships within their data.

The University of Salzburg's Center for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) is a member in the Esri Development Center (EDC) program, which provides recognition and special status to university departments that have exemplary programs focused on educating students to design and develop GIS applications using Esri's technologies.

Christoph is continuing a tradition of excellence established by previous recipients of this award (Mariana Belgiu and Bernhard Vockner), and thus serves as an outstanding role model for future generations of Geoinformatics students in Salzburg!

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