Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Announcement: COGeo 2012 in Salzburg

2012, the COGeo event will be integrated into the PANGEO Austria 2012 (September 15-20, 2012) conference.

Session 18: State-of-the-art in geoscience 3D modeling – systems and applications,
Robert Marschallinger & Fritz Zobl

Geoscience data are intrinsically volume-related and a choice of software exists for the handling of static and dynamic, process-related solid models. This session welcomes innovative approaches to multi-dimensional analysis, modeling, simulation and visualization in the geosciences.

Deadline for Abstracts (= deadline for presentations and posters): 30. 06. 2012
Abstracts: max. 200 words / 1500 characters
Submission are welcome in English and German!

The annual COGeo conference takes place in Salzburg and is mainly organised by the Institute for Geographic Information Science. Programme Chairs and Organization: Robert Marschallinger and Fritz Zobl (ÖAW-GIScience).
>> PANGEO Austria 2012

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