Thursday, November 17, 2011

ITB Indonesia invited Z_GIS for a conference keynote!

The Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia organised 'The 4th International Remote Sensing and GIS Workshop Series on Demography, Land Use-Land Cover and Disaster' on 10th November, 2011 and invited Z_GIS from University of Salzburg for giving the leading keynote presentation. Dr. Shahnawaz, on behalf of Z_GIS, gave the presentation on 'Environment-Development Interface in Mountain Ecosystems' and discussed  the socio-economic dyamics of Himalayan societies. His specific case study from the Western Himalayas followed an ecosystem approach and analysed the interplay of human activities as a response to the local natural environment. The presetation was supported with various spatial models and the dynamics of various changes from 1881 to 2011 were demonstrated through an integrated simulation.

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