Monday, September 5, 2011

Opening of the international IAMG conference

September 5-9 2011, the world cultural heritage city of Salzburg is the setting for IAMG 2011, the Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences.

The Conference is intended to be a forum for exchanging ideas on theory and the practical application of a broad spectrum of mathematical geosciences concepts, addressing a wide range of geoscientists and civil engineers, and providing opportunities for students and young scientists to engage with some of the best geosciences minds in the world.

Besides covering IAMG core topics like geostatistics, reservoir modeling, 3D modeling or geo-process simulation, IAMG 2011 contributions address applied mathematical geosciences issues with a specific reference to alpine regions: simulation and modeling in hydrogeology and engineering geology as well as geohazard modeling.

The broad thematic range of IAMG 2011 is organized in 22 sessions with a total of 164 peer-reviewed contributions, which are available as open-access publications on
Robert Marschallinger & Fritz Zobl, ÖAW-GIScience

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